Looking For A New Free Streaming Service? Let's Talk About VIBBIDI

Have you been looking for a new free web-based music streaming service? Then it's time we introduce you to a platform we've been collaborating with called VIBBIDI.

VIBBIDI is available on any device that has an internet connection. They’re currently in transition from a native mobile App to a strictly web-based platform, they’ve given us the opportunity to share a sneak-peak of the features they’ll be releasing this summer.

So what makes VIBBIDI different from your regular stream app? Let's talk details. VIBBIDI is a unique fusion of your favorite music streaming services along with being a social media platform. VIBBIDI is an experience that is fully-controlled by the user community. They have music videos, singles, albums, remixes, user-made cover videos, lyrics, news and much more available on every page. This means users only have to go on one page to find what you want. Interested in all things Fall Out Boy related? Go to the artist page and it's all there. Notice a music missing from your favorite band? You can upload it yourself growing their music for them.

VIBBIDI has a vast library of content you can enjoy mainstreamers to underground acts. Along with these rare qualities a new writing program called ‘Narratives’ that lets writers voice their own opinion with complete freedom. From personal connections to the music, an artistic reinterpretation of an album or deep-dives into a record, possibilities become endless. Here at Roar Reports we've been contributing to the 'Narratives' program recently, check out our first two pieces, reviewing Panic! At The Disco and Twenty One Pilots: https://www.vibbidi.net/TabithaTimms

So you're not sold, writing isn't your love and you don't passionately collect music. VIBBIDI also have specially-curated collections of music called ‘Themes’ that are perfect selections of albums based around a mood, genre, time-period other styles that are guaranteed to get your attention. This is in addition to promoting user-created playlists so that everyone can discover new music in ways never seen before.

In advance of the official platform-launch this summer, VIBBIDI is running a special promotion where they’ll personally transfer any music, playlists, profile details you create from the mobile App to their new web-platform, giving you a head-start on the new music loving community. Your User Profile is where your music personality lives, so why not express yourself in ways no other music service is offering today?

VIBBIDI: “We Are Everything For Music,” try it now: https://www.vibbidi.net/


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