INTERVIEW: VAYA Talk Music, Touring and More

VAYA is female-fronted Canadian Rock band. We had the chance to talk with guitarist, Philippe and drummer Raphaël about the band, touring, and more.

What was it that got you all into music in the first place?

Philippe: When I was a child, my mom played a lot of piano, so I first started playing a little of piano and later, I started the guitar and still later the bass.

Raphaël: My father was playing the slide trombone in a brass band/orchestra.

Where or how do you find inspiration when it comes to writing new material?

Philippe: Oh it depends, sometimes when I go for a stroll, or when I’m in the bus, the train, cooking or when I’m home practicing.

Raphaël: I don’t know how, it is coming suddenly in my head and I could be anywhere!

What do you love most about touring?

Philippe: Travelling to foreign countries, discovering new cities, meeting new people and play in new places!

Raphaël: Discovering new countries and local food.

Do you have any embarrassing stories from a past show?

Phil: Once I had a little problem with my amp while I was playing but fortunately it wasn’t that serious and it stopped bothering me!

Raphaël: Sometimes, it happened to forgot my drumsticks, another time it was the foot pedal. I could be kind of messy… Fortunately, it was way before VAYA!

Sometimes some girls have wandering hands during photos, it is quite funny

How do you want your fans to feel when they listen to your music?

Philippe: I want them to be connected with us, to enjoy, have fun, to be happy and be in a good mood!

Raphaël: When the audience is connected, it is magical.

Who would you say if your biggest supporter?

Philippe: My family and my friends.

Raphaël: No one in my mind, but we have met beautiful fans around the world who are still keeping in touch with us and asking some news, and for new songs.

Right now, what is your favorite artist/album?

Philippe: It’s “Extreme” a very powerful band!

Raphaël: Coldplay