INTERVIEW: Times Like These Talk Music, Touring and Future Plans

Times Like These is a pop-punk band from NY and are modernizing classic pop-punk. We got the chance to talk with the band about their newest EP and their future as a band.

You’ve released two EPs, Take It or Leave It and Take Me Home, not too far apart from each other. Was it difficult to produce two sets of music in a small period of time?

It’s funny because we actually didn’t plan on releasing two EP’s. We got a lot of love

for TIOLI and we spent the rest of 2018 touring that EP, while writing new music. We

were so excited about all the new things we were writing we wanted to share it with

everyone! Simple as that!

Take It or Leave It exudes a rougher pop-rock sound, whereas Take Me Home seems to explore with the same genre just a bit cleaner with a slightly more mature sound. What was a difference in recording the two EPs?

Honestly as cliche as it sounds, the new music kinda grew with us. We’re still those 4

rowdy punk kids who run and jump all over the stage, but our writing is maturing as are

we and with each song we write we learn more and more. We’ve just been applying

that to the newer sound, which in all honesty was the end game. So it wasn’t too different

to record TMH.

It’s understood that All Time Low’s drummer, Rian Dawson, was apart of the mixing process of the new EP, Take Me Home, what kind of influence did Dawson bring to the table?

Not only did he mix the track but he actually produced it along with his assistant, Dan

Swank. Both men are crazy talented and we are so lucky to have worked with them.

They really helped us dig deep and challenge ourselves while recording the title track

and their pop-punk backgrounds mixed with the new wave of pop-rock really colored the

entire song.

Your video for the new EPs title track, “Take Me Home,” has a very clear ‘Weekend At Bernies’ theme. What sparked your decision to make this the focal point of the video?

Honestly we had about Four or Five video ideas that just weren’t sticking with us and

our bassist, Zach, throught the idea of a 'Weekend At Bernie’s' themed video as a joke, but

it was better than the other ideas and everybody in the room loved it, especially the

director. So we just ran with it and it’s one of my favorite videos we have out currently!

With your sold-out EP release show in 2018 and your upcoming shows with bands such as With Confidence, Boys Of Fall and Oh, Weatherly, how do you see your fan base growing?

We’re hoping to just put on the best show for everyone who comes out. Our goal is to

make people leave smiling and excited to tell their friends about what they saw. With the

upcoming shows we’re going to do just that. Put on a show that is as unforgettable as

we can make it and give everyone what they came for!

Is there anything else you can tell us about your plans for 2019?

More music is being written and tours are being planned so keep an eye out

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