INTERVIEW: This Year's Comeback Talk Lineup Adjustments and New Music to Come

This Year's Comeback is a band that's the perfect blend of the nostalgic 2000's pop-punk and emo sound. We got the chance to talk to vocalist, Brian Matthew about Lineup adjustments and new music to come.

It’s been noted that you took sometime identifying yourselves, between lineup changes and genre adjustments, at what point did you feel like this lineup was the right fit for you?

Brian: Personally, I feel like when you’re forming a band, it’s almost necessary to at least be acquainted with your mates prior to the formation, otherwise, you’re all strangers, it’s a little awkward, and it just doesn’t work. So, the four of us, minus Ken, all knew each other in school, but we met Ken, he’s a real personable dude, and we all had the same dumb humor so it worked out perfectly.

As far as the tweaks in your genre what do you consider yourselves now and how have you come to this decision?

Brian: Right now, we’re still on these last two albums which are definitely pop-punk at the core. Yeah, some old school hardcore influences in there, some folk punk, some metal but at the base of things, it’s still very pop-punk.

Is there a song that you’ve created, old or new, that really captures all the elements and talented capabilities that you have as a band?

Brian Oddly enough, maybe, "Despite The Flood," it’s our oldest release, we dropped that before Garden State Tragedy, and because it was requested, we re-did it for Missing Pages. It’s definitely a metal track, some post-rock influences in there, gritty vocals, lots of screams, killer riffs, wild solos, and some crazy rhythm sections. We definitely need to touch that style again.

Far From Fine, A Garden State Tragedy, is very raw and diverse in its tracks. What helps you make songs that aren’t repetitive?

Brian I think you have to look at it, not song by song, but look at the album as a whole. A good song has dynamics, ups and downs, variation and an album should mimic that as well. What really helps is writing albums as stories and having every song take a certain part or feeling in that story.

Is there a specific track off of Far From Fine, A Garden State Tragedy that you’d like listeners to take note of?

Brian: Unfortunately, I’d say there’s two tracks that totally encapsulate the feeling of Garden State Tragedy, “If The Boot Fits” and “Sorrow and Regret”, they’re both just very raw, emotional songs.

As we get further into 2019, what does the band have planned for the forthcoming year?

Brian: For the upcoming warmer months, we’re going to play the hell out “Missing Pages” everywhere we can. We want to set foot into every venue, basement, and Wawa we can here in Jersey, even PA and New York. After that, we’ve already got another EP in the works, and a much, much, much more grandiose plan for another album but, that’s going to take some serious planning.

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