INTERVIEW: Ronx talks new song and more

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

David Diaz

Ronx is fresh pop-punk band from New York, their newest track "Roses" embodies a new sound that would please ears that are fans of the genre across the board.

We got the chance to talk to Miguel Vasquez (guitar/vocals) and Josh Reguillo (bass/vocals) about the new song and more, check it out below!

Your newest song, “Roses” is consistent with the passion in the music and the lyrics. Can you expand more on what the song means to you?

Miguel Vasquez: Roses means a huge deal to me. It was a song that I made with my friend during a rough time in my life and I felt like this song came out from it and it is what holds dear to me. It shows me true emotions and I’m glad that I was able to express it with everyone listening.

If “Roses” was the first song a new listener heard from your band, what is the impression you would hope it would leave with them?

Vasquez: If Roses was the first song to a new listener, I would hope that they see us as human beings that show true emotions through our songs and I hope that if they do have issues in their lives, that Roses shows them they are not the only ones struggling and we’re all in this together.

You’ve also released “On My Own,” another track that exudes honestly within it’s lyrics and a hard hitting melody. Is it difficult for you to write from these personal experiences?

Josh Reguillo: It’s not really difficult for us to write about these experiences in our past, it’s actually very therapeutic. Putting a song together from pieces of your heart that experienced some sort of pain or happiness, we feel that is true art and we love making that kind of art. 

Along with your new releases you have 2 past EP’s, what’s a song you would want someone who's new to your band to check out, besides your newest singles.

Reguillo: There are a few fan faves off Division that was released in 2018. It’s hard to choose but When I used to be on tinder And mention I’m in a band I would send them our music video to Gwen Stacy or a spotify link to Supernova. No Parking is also another big fave.

As 2019 comes to an end, what can fans expect from you in 2020?

Reguillo: We are in the works of a new EP that will consist of 4 solid sad boy bangers and a reimagined track of one our new singles. We’ve been in the talks of flying out to UK or Canada for a few shows as well.

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