INTERVIEW: NoraStone Talk Music Maturity, Their Upcoming Record And More

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

NoraStone is a hard-rock band from Orange/Rockland NY. The band has three EP's under their belts and a full-length record on the way. We got to talk to Ryan Bloom (guitar,) Luke Ladlee (vocals,) Rob DelaPena (guitar,) Dave Goyette (bass) and Chris Rosario (drums,) about their EP maturity, upcoming record and their many shows that they've been apart of.

You’ve put a lot of work into creating EP’s, dating as far back as 2012 with, Hopeless Lives & Lullabies. Each EP has notable difference from the last, while still having a sense of familiarity. Does this contrast come from the change in recording spaces and producers?

Ryan: It’s definitely a factor. For us, our influences are always at our core so the “NoraStone sound” is something that will always permeate. We also continue to evolve and grow as a band, and try to bring our sound along with us. With that said, we’ve come to learn a song never leaves the studio the same way it comes in, and that’s a lot to do with the producer. They can formulate these little odds and ends to add to a track that only a fresh set of trained ears could pick up on. You bring in these songs as skin and bones, a great producer can bring them to life.

From listening to your newest EP, Mortivera, you tend to stay true to your original sound, while continuing to mature. While writing and recording new music how do you keep from straying too far away from your initial sound?

Rob: We have always been a hard rock band at our roots so our influences and personal taste will always stay within that NoraStone DNA everyone knows. What’s important for us though is that we never restrict ourselves to stay in that realm. We are constantly trying to push ourselves and think outside the box in our writing, trying new sounds, new ideas. I think people will really see that on this new record.

“White Lighter Curse,” is a popular song amongst your fans, by the sound of the lyrics it might be interpreted as a track about vulnerability, as that might be a stretch, can you expand on the inspiration for lyrics in that particular song?

Luke: I mean that song definitely strikes on the vulnerability and doubts two people can experience within a relationship. I had written the lyrics after making it through a tough time personally. It’s really about following your gut through any hardships, and trusting yourself to make the right choice for your path.

As for other songs such as, “Ether,” the lyrics sound creative and unique, what influences the writing for tracks like that one?

Luke: I always try and challenge myself to write lyrics in ways that will be just as interesting to hear, as they are to read, while still telling a story in a relatable way. Growing up I loved the way people like Scott Weiland, Jesse Lacey, even Marilyn Manson approached songwriting. They were so different, and made you really think about what they were saying instead of just holding your hand through it. It was a huge influence to my approach in my own writing.

In early of spring 2019, you have plans to release your first full-length record, what details can you give about this new album?

Luke: This is definitely our most diverse endeavor to date. We’ve refined our sound and really pushed each other to open new doors and expand our palette. Every rehearsal just keeps us inspired to keep our focus, and really deliver the best possible record we can.

What would big the biggest difference for you in writing an LP opposed to the EPs you’ve previously released?

Ryan: I think the biggest difference is we can finally write a whole album as a complete cohesive piece. Instead of just trying to squeeze your best 5 or 6 song out onto an EP, creating an entire record really allows us to explore and elaborate on the whole idea of what we want this album to be.

Is there any major sound changes with the upcoming record?

Dave: Oh for sure. We’re diving deep on this album and really channeling influences and sounds that we never really attempted before. There’s a lot more thought put into dynamics, and layers. It’s ambitious, but it’s paying off as we complete each track.

What is one thing you’re most proud of on your debut LP?

Chris: I think it’s to be playing in a band where everyone is best friends, writing and creating the best record we can make. We push each other and give each other the confidence to make something that we may have been apprehensive to attempt years back. To be able to see how far we’ve come with how we write and bond in a room together is really rewarding.

You have played with some big named bands including Senses Fail, BlessTheFall and Chiodos. What was your greatest experience sharing the stage with these influential artists?Chris: I mean it’s pretty insane to step on stage and be playing with bands that you would go see as a kid. At venues you even go to as a kid. It’s unreal. No matter how many bands you get to play with you try and never take it for granted and live in the moment. It really drives you to keep going and maintain your focus.

You were also featured on 2013’s Rockstar Energy Metal Mayhem Festival, how does being featured on these shows affect your fan base?

Rob: Without a doubt its an incredible opportunity to grow your fan base. So many different people can be exposed to your band that may not have heard you before. It’s pretty cool you get to interact and meet so many different people after the set too. Festivals are great learning experiences for bands, getting to see something like that on such a grand scale is impressive.

For new listeners, hearing your band for the first time can create a fan out of them. What song is your favorite to really draw an audience in?

NoraStone: 100% “Ether”, always gets the crowd bumping and engaged, that's the one that really delivers the energy we try and bring every time.

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