INTERVIEW: Mom Jeans. Talk, Favorite Albums And Music Video Influences

Mom Jeans. is an indie-rock band from California, following my review of Best Buds over at Food For Thought I had the chance to talk to guitar and vocalist, Bart Thompson, drums and vocalist, Austin Carango, guitar and vocalist, Eric Butler bassist, Gabriel Paganin and touring member Joel Kirschenbaum about their current favorite albums, being from California, music video influences.

So with that, do you prefer to eat dessert or an entree first? Bart: “Dessert if there is any.” Austin: “Entree” Gabe: “Entree” Eric: “Entree, but if the dessert is hella epic then I might switch it up.” Joel: “Dessert” Eric added to the statement, “He literally eats birthday cake milkshakes for breakfast.”

What are your favorite albums at the current moment? Do they Influence the work you put out? Bart: “The spark, enter shakari” Austin: “They’re only chasing safety, Underoath.” Gabe: “Stadium Arcadium, Red Hot Chili Peppers.” Eric: “Prom Queen, Beach Bunny or the new Grad Life Album.” Joel: “Puppy Love lol.”

Band: “In general, I think we all let the music we like influence our own music, I think it’s important to branch out and listen to bands/artists who do something very different than us, it’s inspiring and keeps things new and exciting for us.”

Whats it like being a band from California? Do you wish to have been from somewhere else? Eric: “Nah, California is fucking EPIC. Obviously it has its own issues such as housing and gentrification and prison shit, but overall California and being from there has shaped us into the people we are today, for which we’re very grateful. We spitball about moving somewhere else sometimes, but we always settle on wanting to stay here in California and try to make it better for the next generation of bands.”

One song that you wrote that is your favorite? One song that you wish you didn’t produce? Bart: “My favorite would be, Don’t Have Kids (Grad Life) as for one I didnt like, no ragrets” Austin: “My favorite would be, Shred Cruz and one that I regret would be some high school shit.” Gabe: “My favorite would either be Near Death Fail Comp or Sponsor me Tape, and the one I would regret would be little bear (shitty little wing cover in high school).” Eric: “My favorite would be vape nation and my least favorite would also be some high school shit.”

You have a music video for, “Girl Scout Cookies” explain more about that to me? Was there an influence behind it that happened in your life? It seems to me that it has very heavy personal influence. Eric: “The concept was created and executed by our friend Royce Wilmot who directed and shot the video and rented the costumes for us.”

You guys have a great following as a band, I have reached out to a Facebook page strictly devoted to you guys and asked them for questions they wanted to know. One person asked if all of your songs are played in standard and why you guys switched to Les Paul’s and Marshalls? Eric: “Well, all the songs are in standard except for Scott which is in drop D and most of the songs are either capo’d or tuned up a half or whole step,” he said, “we switched to Les Paul’s and Marshall’s cause we like the way they sound haha. I’ve always wanted to play a Les Paul and loved how Marshall’s sound. We finally have the resources to be able to use them and take care of them, as well as the experience and know-how to use them effectively.”

To continue with other questions from the page. Someone asked how many songs were scrapped from Puppy Love? They also wanted to know if the songs from Puppy Love were written around the same time as Best Buds? Eric: “We scrapped one song from the album because it didn’t feel as finished/polished as the rest of the songs, will likely be putting it on a split or on the next record. All of the songs on PL (Puppy Love) we’re written long after best buds was released”

On the topic of albums, what is the major difference between Puppy Love and Best Buds for you guys? Was there a different writing process between the two? I find a huge difference in the drums and guitars between the albums, almost more upbeat. Eric: “Totally it’s a big switch, again using better gear and also having more experience. Also, I think the bands that directly influenced our sound and our writing have changed a lot and gone in a more heavy/upbeat directed rather than the wallowing sadness of Best Buds. I wanted to write songs about trying to be happy, about being in love, and about trying to do something positive rather than being in my feelings and just punishing myself.”

I want to thank you for writing, “Girl Scout Cookies” it has gotten me through a lot of different situations. With that, did you ever think your music would be so influential to so many different groups of people? Eric: “Absolutely not, we started this band and continue to do this band for ourselves. Music is our oxygen, and I don’t think that the four of us would be able to survive if we didn’t play music in some shape or form. The fact that Mom Jeans has gained some traction with listeners is a huge privilege and we never really expected it, so we try our best to use our platform to draw attention to those issues or those people who really need and deserve it.”

Last question, one word to describe Mom Jeans.?

Eric: I would for sure say, “Homies.”

Check out Puppy Love Mom Jeans.' newest record now!