INTERVIEW: Manic Kat Record's Label Owner, Peter James Talks Growth, Music and the Future

Manic Kat Records is a record label with a diverse selection of alternative/rock bands. We've had the pleasure of talking with label owner, Peter James over at All Punked Up about starting his label and how it continues to to grow.

We've talked to James about the current state of MKR, the different artists that have been brought on and the future of the label

Since we last spoke in April, how many more artists have you signed to Manic Kat Records?

We signed a few new artists since April, and anticipate to sign at least 3 more by the end of the year if all goes well!


You mentioned before that each band you sign has something unique about them that drew you to them, can you give an example of a certain band that produced a quality that made them appeal to you more?

More recently we just announced the signing of California-based ska band, For the Record. They bring a broadening of genre to the table with their addition to our roster.  We’ve all been huge fans of Reel Big Fish, and have been eagerly searching for a similarly fun

and talented band to join our family. For the Record is definitely one of the bands I’m personally looking forward to releasing in 2019!

You’ve said that you make sure to keep consistent communication between you and your bands, has that gotten more difficult to manage and the label continues to grow?Not at all, our A&R team has been terrific when it comes to communication with our bands.  In addition to that, our bands know that I am always available for them should they need me.

With your new Christmas compilation, what’s one track listeners should take note of?

That’s a very difficult question to answer, that’s like asking which child is your favorite!  I can say that our Christmas compilation, A Very Merry Punxmas, will be a mix of unique holiday covers as well as some of the best originals our artists have recorded!


With new releases like Right Kid’s Forever Missing Out, We’re Literally Almost There By When Thieves Are About, I Don’t Belong Here by Wired For Havoc and Make It Last by The Anchor, which one were you’re most elated to share with your listeners?

Much like each band, each release brings something unique to our roster’s catalog.  For example, Right On, Kid!’s Forever Missing Out was these guys' debut release with us.  They brought a younger, carefree pop punk vibe to our catalog that we were missing. With Thieves’ We’re Literally Almost There, their melodic hardcore/punk sound brought something new to the table for our catalog in 2018.  We were eager to see how much Wired for Havoc had grown from their debut record, Roll with the Punches, and they certainly did not disappoint. I Don’t Belong Here brought out a more vulnerable melodic side of the band that they until now had not explored.  Finally, Make It Last by The Anchor was a first dive into the metal core world and much to our excitement was our first artist (we hope of many to come) that reached Billboard’s Heatseeker Chart for their debut week.

With 2019 right around the corner, what do you see in Manic Kat Records future?

We are extremely excited for 2019 as we are now working with a new physical/digital distributor that understands what we are all about as a label and sees the same potential in our artists as well do!  Having them in our corner broadens our reach to a global scale            for both physical and digital releases. 2019 will also bring the most signings we have ever had thus far.  We plan to nearly double our roster by the end of next year!

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