INTERVIEW: Go For Gold talk new music and more

Go For Gold is a pop-punk band with a recently release single, high-energy single, "Let Me Go." We caught up with guitarist, Jared Williams, to talk about the new track, lyrics and more.

Now that “Let Me Go” is out, what type of reactions have you received?

Highly encouraging.. I think that being from Little Rock, a scene that recently was in a large slump, all of the people in Arkansas are excited someone is finally attempting to break out (and not hide that they’re from Arkansas). People who would never normally listen to music like ours are sharing us around because we’re from the same place and they’re proud. For all of our friends in different states/countries, it’s insane to us that people we don’t know are connecting with songs about our personal experiences. The word “humbled” does not begin to describe how we feel.

How would you best describe your lyrical style?

We definitely write about what we want to write about but always attempt to make our subjects relatable. We attempt to hone in on poetic themes and tools while not alienating listeners.

When writing “Let Me Go”, did you run into any challenges?

Through our writing process, we only keep songs that feel right and work well. If a song doesn’t do what we want it to. We throw it in a folder to mess with later or just get rid of it completely. This song originally had vocals written by our old singer. He left shortly after tracking them and we didn’t connect well with the words anymore. So, this song got thrown in a folder and not touched for a long time. Once we finally revisited the music, the lyrics and melodies flowed out instantly.

What would you say were three elements that helped you guys cultivate the sound of Go For Gold?

Not being afraid of failure: For every song we release, there are probably 3 ideas that we threw in the trash. As an artist, it’s sometimes easy to get excited that we simply created something, then not take the time to decide if it’s good enough. A lot of thought goes into everything we create.Nostalgia: A lot of our sound and lyrical content follows what we listened to and were exposed to years ago. You could argue that the same is true for every artist but nonetheless, it holds true with us as well. Passion: We do this because we love it. We write what we connect with and will continue to do so.

What has been the biggest obstacle for this band?

It’s hard to cultivate a team of people that all have the same goals and focus. It’s even harder to do so when we constantly are moving and creating content. In order to become successful in music, you can’t just love it. You have to be critical and you have to be willing to work. We are nowhere near where we want to be but we understand what it will take to get there. Spencer and I are completely in sync with what we want and still don’t always get along. It’s tough working with other people at times even if you like them.

How did the four of you meet?

Spencer and I have known each other for years. Both of us played in metal/hardcore bands as teenagers. I met Garrett, our bassist, through my roommate, Dalton. I think he actually believes in us more than Spencer and I do. Our drummer, Jake, is one of Spencer’s oldest friends. We recently hired our producer to play guitar with us as well.

You’re stranded on a deserted island for a month with nothing but a record player and your three favorite records. What are you listening to?

The Story So Far- Proper Dose (or self-titled….or any other release really)

Third Eye Blind- Blue

My Chemical Romance- Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

What helps you hone in on your creativity when coming up with new music?

Listening to other artists (preferably outside of our genre. You can’t help what inspires you at times though) along with watching movies.. anything directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Christopher Nolan, or Quentin Tarantino is a good start.

What album are you most excited to hear in 2020?

A lot of artists are expected to be releasing new music this year but not many have announced any yet. I think Belmont is the single most exciting artist in the rock world at the moment. They have a very unique and genre-stretching sound. The first two singles they have dropped this year put them on track to have a very exciting full-length drop. Movements has also alluded to having new music which could be very exciting. They’re one of our favorite artists.

Among the newly released single, what else can your fans expect from you in 2020?

New music is right around the corner. It’s not a far cry from the single but it’s definitely a little different. We’re finally honing in on our sound and creating something unique. We’re beginning to branch out regionally and are looking at touring options for later this year.

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