INTERVIEW: FЯee ThЯow Talk Writing Music, Favorite Music and more

FЯee ThЯow is a five-piece emo-punk band from Nashville, Tennessee. We recently got to chat with the lead singer, Cory Castro, of Free Throw at Mahall's for Food For Thought about writing music, favorite music and more.

Do you prefer dessert or an entree first?

I am honestly a huge sweets guy. I love Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie. I love a little pumpkin pie with my whipped cream.

Did Nashville help you all write your music?

Honestly not so much, when we first started the band there really wasn't much of a scene. We played a bunch mixed genre shows with hardcore and metal bands. However, we became known as the band that was ready to party." He later mentioned, "The scene slowly built up, but died off when those bands started touring."

What does Emo mean to you?

Honestly people ask me that all the time because 'emo' is in all of our social media, but the thing is we don't consider ourselves to be emo as that is a genre construct. I just like to play what I like to play, the lyrics however are for sure emotional.

What are your favorite albums at the current moment? Do they influence the work you put out?

My favorite album is More Songs by The Grown Ups. It is very influential to our sound. We actually got our start in my basement when a bunch of us were drinking."

He later told me in conversation that "I mainly write the lyrics for the band with help, and it is the most stress relieving thing I can do for myself. So when someone tells me that they relate to the lyrics I feel less alone.

One song that you wrote that is your favorite?

One song that is my favorite is Dead Reckoning. This was a time in my life where my Grandpa had passed. My mom had to sit me down and tell me that he had passed, and he was influential to me since he immigrated from Peru. He influenced me because he lived out his life completely, and that is goals to me. Two Beers In is one of my favorite to just perform live, and just to feed off the energy of the crowd is insane.

Favorite band at Fest in Florida?

Spanish Love Songs, I woke up two hours early to get their set.

Inspiration for Hey Ken?

Yeah that definitely is one of my favorites! Our albums are pretty much concept albums for our lives. These Days Are Gone is about when I almost got engaged. It was one of the last songs I wrote. I had realized that I really should not have done any of this. So, yeah the inspiration is that it was just something I needed to write.

Favorite song of all time?

My favorite song of all time, wow, it really just varies. I really like anything by Thin Lizzy, but I really like Smoko by The Chats.

Final tally for the box challenge?

At Fest we did it, and Justin won. I got disqualified because I didn't mark my drinks down. However, by the end of the weekend Justin had at least 50 marks on it.

Who in the band would win in the 100 meter dash?

As of right now Justin. He has lost 65 pounds in the last year. He is in Greek god type shape.

Free Throw will be on tour starting, April 18, 2019, with Seaway, Heart Attack Man, and Young Culture.

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