INTERVIEW: LoveSick Radio Talk Writing Music and More

LoveSick Radio is David Harris, Troy Brown, Glenn Viers, Matt Bores, and Matt Seskevics

LoveSick radio is a pop-rock band delivering rock guitar coupled with pop melodies and a little hip-hop, creating fresh and unique sounds. We got the chance to talk with guitarist, David Harris and vocalist, Troy Brown about writing music and more.

What was it that got you all involved in music?

David: Hearing Aerosmith, The Sex Pistols , Led Zeppelin & The Black Crowes for the 1st time changed me! The swagger, the attitude & the riffs. I’ve never been the same since & I've never wanted to do anything else. Rock and roll spoke to me & in return gave me my voice. 

Troy: I'm not sure I had a choice, I always say music chose me. From a very early age I Just gravitated towards music and writing song in particular. It was never about being a star, it was about doing something that made me feel complete.

What is your favorite song to play live?

David: Hmmm. Bloodshot Eyes maybe. The riff is very Stones ish. 

Troy: It changes, but “Nothing Left to Lose” is my current favorite.

Who in the band is involved with the writing process?

Troy: We all definitely get to have our say but the music is usually generated with a riff and demo. I always say Dave has the worlds largest stockpile of riffs, after that it gets sent to me to add melody and lyrics and then we bring to rehearsal room where everyone kinda puts their fingerprints on it.

Do any of you have a preferred space where you go to harbor your creativity?

David: Not really. But I do like to write in the morning. My mind and heart is at its most open then before the day starts to distract you. Plus there’s nothing like playing Rock 'n' Roll first thing in the morning! It’s better at waking me up than coffee!

If you could eat only one type of dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Troy: I mean it may not be considered a dessert, but definitely a “sweet” and donuts would be my without question.

David: I guess a cookie with icing on it would be my dessert of choice. 

If you could go on tour with any band of your choosing, who would it be?

David: Dream tour would be Aerosmith or AC/DC just so I could watch them every night. But I agree with Troy's answer on this one as well. 

Troy: Its tricky because I could easily shoot for the moon and say The Stones, but honestly currently I’d go with Rival Sons, they have a ton of momentum right now and I just think Jay [Buchanan] is such an interesting person and frontman, I would love to pick his brain.

Out of all of your material, what song was the most fun to write?

David: “You Should Know” would be mine. I love playing slide and the music for the song was written in like 6 minutes. I used to walk to the gym everyday in Vegas and the energy of the city inspired the groove of the track. Plus I really dig the melody Troy laid on top of it. 

Troy: “Feel so good” was a fun write for me. My initial chorus actually morphed to my verse, and just the overall swag of that song was fun to write too.

What sets you apart from other musicians in your genre?

Troy: That's interesting because we are a rock band and that can mean so many things because of all the “sub genres,” but I suppose what makes us different is the melting pot of influences. I always say we sound “familiar” but no one can put a finger on exactly who we sound like, with some of the other bands in our “genre,” they tend to wear a specific influence on their sleeves and you can totally tell what turns them on, but with this band and the diverse influences its hard to pick just one. I always love after shows hearing people say who we remind them of and it is all over the place from alternative 90’s to classic rock to punk, and to me that is a compliment.

What is the most exciting part about working in the entertainment industry?

David: Getting to see the world because of a guitar.  There’s a lot of travel along with "hurry up & wait" but I wouldn’t change a thing. I love it all, It’s hard sometimes but living your dreams is a gift. 

What are you guys jamming out to lately?

David: Today it’s the new Rival Sons, Cadillac Three and AC/DC. I’m a music junkie so my answer changes daily. 

Troy: I'm all over the place but whatever Dave sends my way and my go to’s lately are Goodbye June, American Bang, Injected, Candlebox and Third Eye Blind. I'm all over the place.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

Troy: Bear...the hibernation factor. As an introvert, being left alone and sleeping sounds pretty amazing.

What can your fans expect from you in the future?

David: A lot of new music and more live shows. Troy & I are starting to get on a roll with these new songs. I can’t wait for people to hear them. With each new tune we are getting closer and closer to what we do best.

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