INTERVIEW: Cabin Pressure Talk Creativity And Detail Debut EP

Photo Credit: Peyton Wixsom

Cabin Pressure is a pop-punk band from Massachusetts. The band's music reflects pop-punk with underlying darker, emo tones. With just releasing their debut, EP, we talked to bassist and vocalist, Eric Twing, guitarist and vocalist, Josh Reynolds, drummer, Ian Caden and bassit, Matt Williams regarding their new EP and the creativity that sparks inspiration throughout their music.

Originally starting as a duo, what swayed you in the direction of adding more members to the band?

Eric: We never really intended to be a two piece acoustic thing. It was moreso we knew we wanted to be a full band, but we needed to find people who played and wanted to do music like this. Berkshire County is sort of short in supply of the musicians we needed. We lucked out.

Adding more members can lead to more creative ideas, does this making writing music easier on you?

Eric: Unfortunately most of the songs were written before we had added the rest of the guys. They definitely fleshed out and added their personal flair, but the songs we've written together as a group since then are going to be some of our best.

Josh: I think having the songs already written made me want to join more. It showed me these guys were serious and I was wicked impressed when I first heard them. I just added a little of my own flavors with my leads, I just wanted to compliment what Eric and Harrison had already written.

Did you ever reach any disagreements while recording? Or was it mostly smooth sailing?

Matt: The recording itself went fairly smoothly. Our EP was the first project finished by both us and our producer Eric Leduc. Most issues arose from inexperience from all of us. Our biggest problem was probably finding the tones and overall sound which fit the emotions we wanted to portray. The meanings behind the lyrics tend to tug at your heartstrings, so it can be a struggle not to lose that during production.

Your debut EP, My Name You Mention seems to explore different musical elements, what inspires your sounds?

Matt: We take influences from all different genres. Personally, some of my favorite artists right now are Being As An Ocean, Foxing, and La Dispute.

Josh: When I first joined, I got the feeling Eric and Harrison weren’t just trying to write regular pop punk songs, and I think that opened up the creative process for when we were putting the songs together as a full band. It helped us make them more of our thing.

Through the songs the vocals sound pretty clean, but in other tracks such as “Deep Sea Dave,” you distress them, what made you go in that direction?

Eric: When we had started playing full band, I think it was kind of unanimous that we wanted to be more than one of the typical softer pop punk bands. We all listen to various different types of music. One of my favorites is melodic hardcore, so I tried adding as much of that as I could. You can expect that line to be crossed even more in the future. 

“Memorable,” stands out, you add a mixture of distraught vocals in between harmonies then about two minutes in you start talking, what strayed you to make that apart of the songs?

Eric: Harrison really wanted to do a spoken word part so I kind of just wrote a poem relevant to the rest of the song and he did it flawlessly at practice one day.

Ian: Michael Collins.

What’s a message you hope listeners take away from the lyrics in your songs?

Eric: The lyrics sound kind of dark and they very well might be, but the underlining theme I wanted to make sure was there is "don’t give up, don’t let others tell you what you're capable of, and let yourself mend." So, if anyone takes those with the other obvious themes, I’ll be happy.

You’ve played many shows throughout your local scene, what is your favorite experience playing live so far?

Matt: At our friend’s house show, we managed to fit about 50 people into his kitchen. I was able to crowd surf while we covered “Dammit” by Blink 182. Despite almost smashing the lights hanging from his ceiling, it’s one of my fondest memories.

Josh: The first time we played New England Weather at a local show after it was released as a single and our friends were singing the lyrics because they finally knew them was incredible, it made me feel like a part of something very special. I’d always wanted that kind of reaction while performing and it never gets old now.

Be sure to keep up with Cabin Pressure on Facebook and Instagram and check out their debut EP, My Name You Mention below.