INTERVIEW: Big Smile talk new song, lyrics and more

Big Smile is a pop-punk band from Ohio, who recently released a video for their song "Oscillate," We got the chance to talk with the band about the new song and more.

Your recent single “Oscillate” seems to produce personal lyrics, what sparked the inspiration for this song?

Big Smile: The inspiration came from the situations I was in at the time as well as wanting to spread awareness to the fact that people are stuck in a rut of not being the best they can be and may not even realize it.

It’s been noted that the song revolves around being hesitant to break from a familiar routine, have you found a way around the anxiety when facing this obstacle?

BS: Not necessarily a way around, but definitely easier ways to go through it.

Is there anything you want fans to take away from this track that may not be obvious?

BS: Aside from the obvious meaning of the song I think one thing they could take from this track is to not be afraid to tackle those tough issues in your life.

The video fits the mood of the song quite well, what was the thought process behind the theme of the video?

BS: We knew we wanted to use vehicles somehow because of the lyrics relating to driving, but we went from riding in an old van in the video to upgrading to riding in an RV. In doing that we wanted to make a subtle hint as to where we are as opposed to where we want to be, personally as well as


Big Smile originally began as an acoustic project, what was the moment you decided to grow into a full-band?

BS: It was always the plan to make it a 5 piece, to be honest we just wrote some songs acoustically and were too impatient to find members so we started just playing them acoustically until we found

friends to join.

With 2020 here, what can fans and new listeners expect from you as the year goes on?

BS: In 2020, we have tours planned, and we have an EP coming in the summer. We'll be touring the south first thing in 2020 and recording new music right after!

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