INTERVIEW: awakebutstillinbed, Talk Touring and Their New Album

awakebutstillinbed is a band from San Jose, CA. I talked to Shannon Taylor, guitar and vocals over at Mahall's in Lakewood OH, for Food For Thought about the name of their band, the newest album, what people call low self-esteem is really just seeing yourself the way other people see you, and more.

So, with that do you prefer to eat dessert or an entree first?

Shannon: i try to do entree first. i have a bit of a self-control problem with sweets in general so i try to just keep them away from me because i really feel the mental & physical effects when i eat unhealthy food nowadays haha, i'm getting old

Tell me more about the name of the band?

Shannon: It's a really obscure reference to my favorite band, they might be giants. it's all lowercase because i was raised on the internet so everyone typed all lowercase my whole life & capitalization looks weird to me. it's all one word because i didn't like the way the name looked aesthetically with all of the spaces. when people type out Awake But Still In Bed i want to die.

Out of respect, I kept all of Taylors answers in this same lowercase style.

Who do you find yourself listening to the most in the Emo Revival Genre?

Shannon: recently i haven't been listening to a lot of that, it's been a lot of waxahatchee, phoebe bridgers, julien baker, etc, which is sometimes considered emo-adjacent but definitely isn't the same scene. My favorite recent emo bands are algernon cadwallader, football, etc., the brave little abacus, the hotelier, hop along, oso oso, and i've been getting into bands like prince daddy & the hyena but i'm not sure if they're considered emo or not. i'm personally much more partial to 90's emo honestly.

I love "Opener" I can feel the emotion and passion in that song personally. Where do you tend to find that passion you talk about?

Shannon: that song is broadly about a time i attempted suicide so that's where the emotion comes from.

Is this the same passion you have to survive in the California area?

Shannon: i wound up in the bay area due to a complicated set of circumstances but found community here and have just lacked the drive to leave, especially since i'm traveling all of the time now anyway. i haven't been able to afford to live here for a very long time and yet for some reason i keep being here. i am very thankful for my friends who let me crash on their couches and stuff.

What songs are on your home vs tour lineup?

Shannon: the same songs. we don't really have a home vs. tour lineup anymore, that stopped being a thing.

How does Pitchforks rating for "what people call low self-esteem" make you all as a band feel?

Shannon: p4k's numerical rating isn't determined by the reviewer, oddly enough, so i guess it makes me feel weird. the review itself is very sweet though and definitely made me cry the first time i read it.

Stereotypical question, could you tell me more about the album and what it means to you?

Shannon: it's actually not a stereotypical question, no one has ever asked me about this before. Without going into a lot of detail, i really wanted to kill myself when i started writing the album, then as i was writing about all of these awful things i went through that made me feel like i couldnt keep going, something clicked in me, and in processing my trauma i realized i no longer wanted to die. The album became about how fucked up it is to want to kill yourself. i would say that writing the album saved my life, so it means a lot to me.

Favorite things about tour?

Shannon: i love to travel and see new places, see friends who i don't usually get to see, i love sleeping on floors and being surrounded by friends all of the time, having something to look forward to every night.

Anything big coming up for you all?

Shannon: playing an amazing show with joyce manor, AJJ & jeff rosenstock in LA on 1/19.

One last thing, if you had to choose between a taco and peanut butter jelly sandwich, who would win in a fight?

Shannon: the pb&j. The taco is a mess and falls apart easily but the pb&j has his shit together.

Any last words for the fans?

Shannon: thank you for listening and/or caring. i am realizing more and more every day just how weird and inaccessible my music is, and i am extremely grateful for everyone that puts up with my discordant screeching about my feelings. i have recently imagined what it'd be like to try to convince someone to care about my music with words or some type of logical argument, and i don't think i would ever be able to. Thank you for not needing me to do that.

Take a listen to, what people call low self​-​esteem is really just seeing yourself the way that other people see you below, and be sure to keep up with the band on Twitter.