INTERVIEW: Australian Alt-rock Band HOMEFRONT Talks Debut EP, 'Outgrown'

Photo by Ebony J.K. Mealing

HOMEFRONT is a rock band from Brisbane, Australia. With the release of their debut EP, Outgrown, we got the chance to talk to the band about the new EP, touring and more.

How and where did the four of you in HOMEFRONT meet? Was it obvious at first you should start a band together?

Nav and Peter met a few years ago while trying to start up another project which never got off the ground. Nav knew Damian from school and kept him on the radar while searching for the remaining members. After a string of bad luck with locking in a lineup that clicked, Connor came along and rounded out the group.

Is there a story or reason behind the name HOMEFRONT?

Nav used to play a lot of video games, one of his favorites was called HOMEFRONT, and it kinda stuck.

You just released your new EP “Outgrown,” what was the writing and creation process like for it?

Our new record forced us to push ourselves and critique our writing harder than ever before. We really wanted to create something we were proud of, and something that people could connect with.

Do the four of you each have a favorite song off “Outgrown?” If so, which are they?Pete's favourite is Goodnight Goodbye, and the others love Blindside.

You guys have already done a good bit of touring in your career, what has been your best tour experience so far? Favorite venue?

Touring has been incredibly grueling with overnight drives and back to back shows, but also incredibly rewarding getting to travel with awesome friends and bands, as well as meeting fans and musicians across the country. Our favourite venue we have played on tour would have to be Wrangler Studios in Melbourne, they had a dog (Oslo) who had earmuffs and wandered around the venue.

What are some of the artists that you guys love to listen to in your free time right now?

Boston Manor, PVRIS, Stand Atlantic, BMTH

Finally, where would you like to see HOMEFRONT go over the next few years? Any big plans in the works?

Hopefully continuing to tour, meet new people, write new music, and play more shows.

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