INTERVIEW: All In Due Time Talk Their New Project, Inspiration and Their Future

Credit to Sarah De Jesus

All In Due Time is a pop-punk band that is based out of New York and they just released their new EP, Young & Dumb.The new EP mixes catchy melodies and instrumentals with passionate performances and relatable lyrics for all.

Young & Dumb is a nostalgic and powerful new project that takes you back to the good old days of the pop punk genre. We got the chance to vocals/rhythm guitarist, Zeke Medrano, lead guitarist Frank Scelta and bassist Joshua Reguillo, about the new project, what they are inspired by and their future aspirations.

How long have you all been in this band and is this the first band you all have been in?

Frank: We've been a band for a little over a year now. I personally have been in only one official band.

Tom: I’ve been in this band officially since March 2019, and no, I’ve been in several bands before this, and am also currently in another band.

Zeke: I see All In Due Time as an evolution of all my past bands. I've been in 3 before this one and most of the members from those bands have come along for the ride being a part of All In Due Time in some way, shape, or form, either being a member or supporting the band in their own way. We have been a band for a little over a year now and the lineup has changed a bit, but I believe we are at our best now and can’t wait for the future.

How would you describe the sound of All in Due Time?

Frank: I would say that it is very authentic. You have different genres and sounds blended into one. It is not generic by any means. Apart from pop punk, my [lead] guitar sounds and style comes from classic rock and 80s metal.

Tom: I’d say it’s alternative punk. Not entirely pop punk or rock but we’ve got riffs and catchy songs that still have an edge.

Zeke: Definitely pop punk with a mix of emo as of right now. It’s a blast from the 2000s era type of music for sure. but we also modernize it a bit and add elements of other music we like. For example, we add a bit of old school rock and roll with Frank’s leads, and I like doing acoustic ballads once in a while.

What artists have influenced the sound of this EP? Has there been anything else like people, movies or just other random things?

Frank: Clearance Clearwater, Revival, Metallica, Billy Joel, All Time Low, Bowling For Soup, New Found Glory. Next EP/LP will definitely include new list of artists and even include influences from movies and video games.

Zeke: For me personally, I was thinking Blink, Green Day, and most of these 2000s pop punk bands when songwriting, as well as some more modern bands like Neck Deep. This may surprise some people, but Ed Sheeran also really helped me develop the sound for this EP.

What was your favorite part of recording this project?

Frank: All of us actually going to the studio to record. First time going there and coming back home will always be memorable. Seeing and hearing these songs and sections come together and brought to life is definitely my most favorite.

Zeke: All of it was amazing! Writing with the band, stumbling upon a new part by accident, and improvising some of our best lines and guitar parts brings a lot of joy, but this project was my first time in the studio and that whole process was amazing especially with the awesome staff over at AGL Sounds. They made everything feel wonderful; we were learning, working, and having fun. Honestly, it’s some of the most fun I've ever had doing music.

What is the dream venue to play?

Frank: Wembley Stadium, London

Tom: Anywhere that lets me drink and smash drums is my kinda place. As long as there’s people having a good time that’s my dream venue.

Zeke: Obviously Madison Square Garden or the PlayStation Theater - dream big, right? If we want to talk about something I think we can accomplish rather quickly, I would say probably Webster Hall. I've attended my first ever concert there and seen a lot of my heroes perform that stage; it would be a dream to perform there this coming spring when it opens back up!

What is the dream two artists to tour with?

Frank: Blink 182 & Angels and Airwaves. That way Tom, Mark, and Travis will be together again. And that's a huge dream for all of us.

Tom: Among countless artists I’d narrow it down to Slipknot and Deftones.

Zeke: For me, there are way too many that I would note down, but sticking to the whole 2000s theme of the EP, I would say My Chemical Romance and Blink-182.  

What would you like people to take away from this project?

Frank: This will be the stepping stone for more things to come.

Tom: These guys put their hearts into this one. I hope people see that and appreciate it.

Zeke: First off, I hope they like the music. If they take anything from the music, I hope they can see that you can find happiness in any situation. We all go through hard times; it’s just up to us how we respond to the situation.

Any other news to give fans other than the EP?

Frank: We're working on more songs and will make a full length album.

Tom: New songs at live shows, so come check em out.

Zeke: We are hoping to see a lot more of you guys live we are planning some more shows for this coming year and working on the next EP, so follow us closely on social media. Hope you all stick around, experience this awesome adventure, and grow with us!

Make sure to check out the new Young & Dumb EP and to catch a show near you!