INTERVIEW: A Better Hand Talk Lineup changes And New Directions

A Better Hand is a pop-punk band from Minneapolis. Their music embodies a unique punk feel that's refined and fresh. We got the chance to talk with vocalist, Jordan Salgado, drummer, Taylor Allen, guitarist and vocals, Kyle "Sven" Pfluger and bassist Kyle Kriegshauser about their swift lineup change, new directions and lyrical inspiration.

Your debut EP, The Not So Sober, is very clear with a diverse sound, being your first EP, was it difficult to not create the same sound in each song?

Taylor: I think the biggest reason that EP is so diverse is because we weren’t sure how to properly mesh our influences together to get a cohesive sound. It was some of the first music we had ever created together and you can tell we really didn’t know “our sound” yet. 

The lyrics sound personal, where do you pull the inspiration for the words you piece together?

Taylor: During the writing process of The Not So Sober EP, we were living together and just bouncing back from a falling out with our old band. There were a lot of emotions from that situation both positive and negative which is where most of the lyrics come from. We felt broken and hopeful at the same time. The name of our band actually comes from what happened around that time. We turned a bad situation into a fresh start and because of that we have the A Better Hand you see today.

With your The Longest Drive, EP you seem to explore with different elements, how did the recording processes differ from The Not So Sober.

Taylor: The Longest Drive came around when we finally got the hang of our sound. We knew what we wanted to be and who we were and the rest just fell into place. For this EP we actually traveled to New York to record, and that definitely had a huge effect on how the EP turned out. It’s not that we didn’t know what we were doing for the first EP, but we were definitely more confident with recording The Longest Drive.

You have strong pop-punk influence, is there any other artists you pull inspiration that listeners wouldn’t expect?

Taylor: Rock N Roll Kyle and I both love jamming MOD SUN in the van. As a Minnesota native we are inspired by his story and his positivity in life.

Jordon: I personally really dig Bands like The Menzingers and I jam Post Malone and Lil Uzi Vert pretty regularly. 

Kyle: Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Airbourne, Motorhead, AC/DC, Soundgarden

Sven: I listen to Hot Hot Heat quite a bit. I Really dig their sound.

Your newest single, “Clear Your Conscience,” has a refined sound, it’s understood that you added a new vocalist to the mix, how does that affect the way you write music?

Taylor: I honestly don’t feel like it’s changed the way we write, but more so added to how we write. We still sit down together and work though our songs until they are what we want them to be.

Jordon: Going into writing new music was cool because it was really inclusive. Our different writing styles meshed well and I think going forward listeners will note subtle differences, but will still hear the same group they enjoyed from the start.

Your new vocalist, Jordon Salgado definitely adds a subtle difference to your sound, what can listeners expect from your sound going forward?

Taylor: I think listeners are going to be pleasantly surprised with how our new direction is sounding. At the core, we’re still the same pop punk band, but our songwriting has improved so much because of Jordon.

Jordon: I think going forward, listeners are going to be excited with what we’ve been working on. Our musical background is pretty diverse and I think it really helps when it comes to writing a song. You can really tell we all have a lot to bring individually, and I think that will be very apparent in the songs to come. 

You’ve played with band’s such as As It Is, how has that affected your fan base?

Taylor: We made a video at our show with As It Is and a ton of the people in the crowd who we didn’t know, now come to our shows regularly. It’s so cool to see people that didn’t come to see us become our fans.

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