INTERVIEW: 54 Reasons Talk Lineup Changes And Musical Inspiration

Photo Credit: Kris Weston.

54 Reasons is a pop-punk band from Houston,TX, made up of lead vocalist and guitarist, Juan Alvarez and drummer Kris Weston. The band has a forthcoming EP, Your Mother's Favorite Band, but with Weston being the newest member to the band, Alvarez wrote and recorded the EP on his own.

54 Reasons has crafted a sound that blends pop-punk melodies making the music fun and energetic. See what Alvarez had to say about the band's lineup change, musical inspiration and more!

Your EP 3 Hour Shower, is much cleaner and showcases more of an original sound opposed to your debut LP, Just A School Thing, which had more of a callow feel, strongly accompanied by the elements of your influences. What sparked the change?

Juan: When we did the first LP, we were fresh out of high school and didn't know what we were doing. The producer we where working with didn't really care and was just like "yeah, whatever, pay me." Then when we started making the EP 3 Hour Shower, we decided working with someone else. We ended up going to AMR studios we recorded "Oh Houston" and "Bum Anthem" with Stephen Adwell from AMR studios. Then Hurricane Harvey hit and flooded his studio, so he moved to Tulsa. We stumbled upon Satellite Music Room and recorded the rest with J.R.

Both your debut EP and LP were recorded with 2 other members, seeings as the band seemed to be gaining momentum and maturing, what was the reason behind those members departure?

Juan: The first member didn't workout because of music differences. The second one didn't show up for two months before a tour and before that didn't show up to the studio for "Bum Anthem". We decided to take another bassist on tour and he got upset but if you don't show up for two months, there's not a lot to be said, so he ended up quiting.

Carrying on a band alone is a strenuous task, what made you move forward as a solo act instead of throwing in the towel?

Juan: The love for the music. Ever since I was in high school I knew I wasn't meant for college and all that normal stuff. I love performing and creating something awesome from just a simple hum, so that's what motivated me to keep going. I felt like quitting but when I looked back, I realized that I genuinely love doing this. Everything in life has bumps along the road. You can either quit or keep pushing through until you see it through; depends on how much it means to you.

Your forthcoming EP, Your Mother’s Favorite Band, is the first EP recorded on your own, seeing as your tracks include an array of different instruments, did you bring in guest musicians or was it solely based on you?

Juan: I did the EP all on my own; no other musicians were included other than the producer J.R. from Satellite Music Room.

How did you chose who would join you in playing on your record as guests?

Juan: I would choose on how motivated they are to contribute or if they have the similar style as me.

How does the recording process function with just you making all of the music?

Well, in a way, it's easier because you don't have someone changing up your songs. It’s also hard because sometimes you need that input because sometimes someone else's ideas might make the song better. It’s a 50/50, definitely more work when recording.

Does it become easier creating music without other members making creative suggestions or is more difficult not having others to bounce ideas off of?

Juan: It's a 50/50 - it’s good because you don't have someone telling they want to change a part of your song, but that's not a bad thing. That's also very important because their ideas might be really good and make the songs a hundred times better. It’s easy because you know what you want and record it, but it’s hard because you don't have someone else's input or help doing it, so you have to rely on yourself for everything.

What is one thing you hope listeners take away from listening to, Your Mother’s Favorite band?

Juan: The catchy riffs of the songs and the message behind every song. I've grown as a lyricist, I've seen my progress since the first LP. This EP is definitely a game changer for me. It’s shown me that doesn't matter how low you've fallen you can always get up and climb higher. So, I hope the listeners take away the message from every song and the catchy choruses and verses of the songs.

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