Horror Section To Release Debut LP

Punk rock band Horror Section, are set to release a self-titled LP on Dec. 7, via Eccentric Pop Records.

The upcoming record plays out like a soundtrack to a drive-in slasher flick- a toxic sonic sludge that is equal parts Ramones and Freddie Krueger.

See the track list below.

Horror Section tracklist:

1.) "Six"

2.) "They’re Inside"

3.) "Are You There?"

4.) "Behind the Wheel"

5.) "Forever Gone"

6.) "First Kill"

7.) "SomebodyElse"

8.) "I Want It Back"

9.) "Rooms and Echoes"

10.) "Make Them Pay"

11.) "Murder"

12.) "Wait for You"

13.) "Resonator"

14.) "Working Title"

15.) "Remains"

16.) "Don’t Know"

The album is now available for pre-order.

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