From The Vault: Real Friends & Knuckle Puck live

Photo: Carly Stuber

While being away, some content fell between the cracks, one of those being Real Friends' 2019 Summer tour. The band hit Mahall's in Cleveland, OH, on Aug. 30 for a memorable performance with now former lead vocalist, Dan Lambton.

While it is nearly two years ago revisiting it now, the memory of this show is as clear as day. Mahall's show room packed from wall to wall with sweaty eager fans as the band chucked along their setlist giving passionate hard-hitting execution of fan favorite tracks, alongside newer tracks released of the bands 2018 album, Composure.

Fans got a sweet treat watching the band maneuver through the tight-fit of a stage while plowing through favorites like "Late Nights In My Car" and emotion triggering, "Sixteen."

Being a fan of RF and following them through their journey it's always something special watching them bring tracks like "Mess" to life on stage. This show was the perfect way to see the band close a chapter on their lives. Fans now we follow them through their new beginning with, Cody Muraro (former Youth Fountain.)

Photos: Carly Stuber

Fast forward to Feb. 23, where pop-punk band Knuckle Puck swung through town, on what would be the last show we got to attend before Lock Down was in full effect.

The show was full of high-energy fans, that matched the performance of KP, as the band gave more so did the crowd making for an unforgettable night.

The band danced gracefully down their set list playing crowd favorites like "Double Helix" and "Untitled.

Fans were treated some new tracks that would be coming off their soon to be released album, 20/20.

Closing their set out on "Pretense," Knuckle Puck made the most of their show in the uncertainty of what 2020 had in store for everyone.

Photos: Carly Stuber

It's been fun reminiscing on past shows knowing that all music fans have more to look forward to.