Dance Gavin Dance release new music video

Credit: Lindsey Byrnes

Sacramento’s Dance Gavin Dance dropped their video for “Strawberry’s Wake," the band's second single off their forthcoming record, Afterburner.

Afterburner is due out April 24 via Rise Records. The album is a landmark mission statement that encompasses DGD energy past, present, and future.

Afterburner Track Listing:

1.) "Prisoner"

2.) "Lyrics Lie"

3.) "Calentamiento Global"

4.) "Three Wishes"

5.) "One in a Million"

6.) "Parody Catharsis"

7.) "Strawberry’s Wake"

8.) "Born To Fail"

9.)" Parallels"

10.) "Night Sway"

11.) "Say Hi"

12.) "Nothing Shameful"

13.) "Into The Sunset"

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