Belmont Release “Hollowed Out”

Pop-punk band Belmont Dropped “Hollowed Out” on June 15.

You find the new track on Belmont’s forthcoming self-titled LP, due out Aug. 17, via Mutant League Records. Pre-orders are now available. Check out the track listing below!

Belmont track listing:

1). “Empty” 2.) “Recluse”

3.) “Write Me Off” 4.) “Pushing Daisies” 5.) “Interlude ft. Shinigami” 6.) “Albert” 7.) “Hollowed Out” 8.) “Maplewood” 9.) “Convalescence” 10.) “BMC”

Also be sure to catch the band on tour this summer.

What do you think of Belmont’s new track? Let us know!


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