AT THE SHOW: Elbow Room

Photo credit: Dan Cornelius

Local Cleveland band, Elbow Room, opened for William Ryan Key on March 7 at Mahall's 20 Lanes and brought a set full of contagious energy.

The band moves slightly and gracefully among the small space of a stage that they have to work with. They showcase passion behind their vocals along with clean sounds met with raw elements making for an entertaining opening act.

ER polishes their set with "Sinking" a track that showcases great confidence both in the music and their lyrics. The band's stage presence exudes a calm and collected vibe appearing to gain respect from their audience.

Photo credit: Cassie Blotzer

We got the chance sit down talk with vocalist/guitarist, Spencer Fetcko, drummer Scott Drazdik and vocalist/guitarist, Ben Scott, about their newest EP, their signing with Penultimate Records and future music.

Since we last spoke you’ve signed to Penultimate Records, what has the experience been like in your new relationship with them?

Spencer Fetcko: Our experience with Penultimate Records has been very positive so far.  It's really important to Penultimate to put the power in the hands of the artist and make sure that we are all working toward what is best for the band and the music, so it's been great.  Jamie and the Penultimate team really have our best interests in mind and we've been really excited to have gotten the opportunity to team up with them to push our music and our careers to the next level.

What was the initial moment that sparked them into wanting sign you? & What was it about them that made it feel like a good fit for the band?

Scott Drazdik: Honestly, I'm not exactly sure how they found us, I'm sure it was just from listening through Spotify and the ended up making us the offer.

You’ve also dropped your EP, Constant Mistake, have you notice a growth in your fan base since releasing it?

Ben Scott: Absolutely, I will say that Spotify is one of the best outlets that people have been finding us from.

You’ve previously mentioned that you write music that you really enjoy versus what people may like, how does it feel producing something that you love and has attracted many new listeners?

Spencer: The one word to describe it is rewarding. To make something we're so proud of and have it well received is a great feeling.

What is a track off, Constant Mistake would you like new listeners to take note of?

Spencer: Sinking

Scott: Sinking

Ben: I would also say Sinking, because it has a little bit of everyone in it, since we all have different influences.

Who are your biggest influences?

Scott: The Story So Far and Third Eye Blind

Ben: The Amity Affliction, Trophy Eyes and Breaking Benjamin

Spencer: Well, since we are at a William Ryan Key show, I would say Yellowcard, Motion City Soundtrack and The Starting Line

You’ve also said that you’ve been fortunate on the road, minus the PA system blowing up, seeing as you’ve been playing many shows since November, as everything been smooth sailing?

Spencer: Pretty much we've just been fortunate, no PAs have blown up since the last time.

Can we expect any new music anytime in the near future?

Spencer: Yes, we're working on new music right now, I can't say too much without giving it away, but we are working on some stuff.

Be sure to check out the band's EP and keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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