5 Songs That Hype Up Every Emo In The First Few Seconds

Whether you're a repressed emo or you're Pete Wentz, these five songs will have you caking on the black liner and your favorite hoodie; you know the one, with the chewed up drawstrings and thumb holes. Lets mosh together to the five songs that pump up every emo kid, and I dare you not to sing along.

5.) "I Miss You" - Blink - 182

Starting with a classic, who doesn't turn to there friends and have a make up conversation every time they hear "I Miss You" by Blink - 182. In high school, every young emo couple made up by posting this song on their MySpace or setting as their bio on AIM.

4.) "Alive With The Glory Of Love" - Say Anything

Where else do you start off with a drum solo and sex scene then with Say Anything's hit, "Alive with the Glory of Love." When you hear it, you can't stop from singing, just like I did while typing this this. With haunting lyrics and deeper meanings, this song will fill you with warmth in the chorus. Only lead vocalist, Max Bemis, can write a love song based on the holocaust, that's also catchy.

3.) "Dance, Dance" - Fall Out Boy

While we all have other Fall Out Boy songs closer to our hearts, none get the sullen crowd up and jumping quite like "Dance, Dance." Unlike any other on list, the bass line gets your blood flowing, along with this being one of the only FOB tracks with a title that matches the lyrics. Every emo will be singing along in no time.

2.) "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" - Panic! At The Disco

Of course the king of intro hype, Brendon Urie had to be on this list, of course with Panic! At The Disco's I Write Sins Not Tragedies. This song changed a generation, it brought together jocks, weirdos, and nerds. For many, it was the first "alternative' song played at dances in high school. With every teen yelling over the censored God Damns.

1.) "Welcome To The Black Parade" - My Chemical Romance

Obviously, ending on a G note. What would list be without the song that hits every one in the first moment. Flooding you with a see of excitement and pain is "Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance. We all shout along as our make up smears our face and our hands go in the air because you didn't need to be a young boy to feel every word of this song.

Hopefully this list had you singing along and searching for more songs to fill your voided black souls. For more dark times throw on some black nail polish, your favorite band tee and go to your local emo night. Where everyone is taking their awkward phase into adult hood.

What's your favorite emo intro? Be sure to let us know!

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