+44's 'When You Heart Stops Beating' To Be Re-issued on Limited Audiophile Vinyl

+44's album, When Your Heart Stops Beating will be re-issued on limited audiophile vinyl via srcvinyl.

The album will be pressed on three variants - Blue, Pink and Green with cover art matching the color pressing. All are now available for pre-order.

When Your Heart Stops Beating tracklist:

1.) "Lycanthrope" 2.) "Baby Come On" 3.) "When Your Heart Stops Beating" 4.) "Little Death" 5.) "155" 6.) "Lillian" 7.) "Cliffdiving" 8.) "Interlude" 9.) "Weatherman" 10.) "No, It Isn't" 11.) "Make Your Smile" 12.) "Chapter 13"


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